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Doctor Who Rewatch: "The Unquiet Dead"

As mentioned previously, I loved their choice to give us a taste of present, future, and now past, one after the other. And this one was such a departure from the last one, which I love. I also love our Dickens, Simon Callow, he really was fantastic (ha!) He started out so lost and unwilling to believe what was happening, but in the end he came to save the day and regained his joy for life, so great.

Speaking of guest cast, EVE MYLES! Good ol' Gwen Cooper... Well, not yet, but still. I hadn't started watching Torchwood at the time, but I had seen images here and there and when I saw her at first it was just 'I know that girl...' She was marvelous here, and a character so different from what I know her as in TW. When I did start watching, with the whole story of the rift and all I was hoping, I'm sure not unlike many others, we'd get a mention of some kind of connection between them, so I was glad we finally got a little something, a few series later.

And we got our first mention of Bad Wolf! I didn't notice it at the time of course, not until I rewatched it, having seen the rest of the season. But that's something about DW that I love so much, these season-long arcs with the hidden bits of information here and there... Brings so much incentive to have yourself a rewatch ;)

I liked also that we got more information, as Rose slowly learns the 'rules' of time travel, like the fact that she can be born in one century and die in the previous one... It raises the stakes for her, and still she chooses to go forward, so yay Rose! I love the scene between Rose and Gwyneth in the kitchen, two girls from two different times...

And one little touch, I love seeing the snow that had been deposited in the windows of the Tardis just fall away as it disappears...

Tomorrow: Double episode Sunday: "Aliens in London/World War Three" [2p] & "Dalek"

Doctor Who Rewatch: "The End of the World"

This episode and the next, with the Doctor taking Rose from her present to the distant future and then the past, it led the way both for her and for us. This one here, with a parade of aliens of various shapes and sizes and some of them blue, was a swift break from the familiar, and I liked that.

I loooved Excited!Doctor, seriously, Chris’ big wide grin and bopping around to music just made me fall in love with him even more, seeing how completely amused he was by the whole situation. But then as events progressed and he was faced both with imminent danger and the memory of his own lost world, he went from making me laugh to getting me all misty eyed! How dare you, Eccleston, toy with my emotions! ;)

And Rose, oh Rose… She was so overwhelmed, seeing these aliens that were so alien, realizing she really was that far from home… It was all so human of her, young human out on her own in a strange place with no one she knows except this man she met just a day or so before… I loved the scenes where she got to talk to her mother (Yay, Jackie!) and then in the end, where she saw her world, alive and well again…

Loved the use of music here, both in score and the ‘iPod’ ;) Burst out laughing when I first heard them, when I saw the episode originally, and it still gives me chuckles today. (And Chris’ reaction to Tainted Love is just… hee hee ;))

AND! THE! FACE! OF! BOE! Every time I see him now, I just… giggle… but that’s for later… Still now I can’t help going ‘FACE OF BOE!’ whenever I see him… And Cassandra, you big flap of skin… you were evil and delicious :D

Next: “The Unquiet Dead”

Doctor Who Rewatch: "Rose"

It hasn't been that long since I've seen these again, but still the first thing that strikes me is how the show has changed over these five seasons. The style has evolved, but it doesn't take anything away from these first episodes.

Love Rose, oh, Rose Tyler... Took me a little while at first to distance Billie from having known her as a pop star (I still remember when she was up here in Montreal one time!), but it didn't change the fact that she was (ha) fantastic. And Jackie Tyler, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie... I love this woman to bits, you don't even understand! Cracks me up and breaks my heart all the same sometimes. Then Mickey, oh how he's changed so much, too! From the guy crawling away on his hands, cowering by Rose's side, to one badass (hot hot hot) fighter ;)

And the Doctor... Oh, Chris... Him too, at first, I had to distance from what I knew him from, which is the invisible man on Heroes, but he got through that right quick. In the grand scheme of things it does feel like he gets left behind sometimes, having only done the one season back at the start, but oh how I love this man... So always glad to revisit him here.

I only started watching the show last summer (June 23rd indeed!) and at first I didn't know what to expect. But this episode got me intrigued enough to keep going. I watched one more episode that day, then had to go to bed, and then the next day I watched the whole of season 1 in one sitting... So, yeah ;)

And the old Tardis... *sniffles* I'm still not quite adjusted to the new one, it's just... it's not my Tardis, if that makes sense... Mind you, same goes to the new opening credits... But anyway, back to the episode, some parts of it still give me goosebumps, and some parts have perpetuated my giddiness over seeing people running hand in hand together, especially when those people are the Doctor and his companion.

Tomorrow: Double episode Saturday: "The End of the World" & "The Unquiet Dead"

The Doctor Is In!


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Help me LJ, you're my only hope!

So in my Italian conversation class, we have done a bunch of presentations so far, and I have two left, one is a group thing and one is an alone thing. The alone thing, the final presentation, 15 minutes etc, for the longest time I've told I'd do on Catherine Tate, as a person, a comedian and actress, from her show to Doctor Who, etc... Awesome topic for me...

But now today...

I had this idea of how awesome it would be to explore the Bryan Fuller trifecta, aka Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, and Pushing Daisies. IF YOU WATCHED ALL THREE SHOWS, GIVE ME A SHOUT! (or if you know someone who does, let me know!)

So now I'm confused and don't know what to do... Blah... :(
Wee! When I finished the first cycle and started the second, I wondered if I'd lose my streak, especially with all the insanity of school... but it kept going, finished that cycle 2, and have since done cycles 3, 4... through 20! Which means it's time for cycle 19 (Well, it was... I'm waaaay late on this ;) Oops!)

But for now... the cycle 20 round up! :D

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Wee! When I finished the first cycle and started the second, I wondered if I'd lose my streak, especially with all the insanity of school... but it kept going, finished that cycle 2, and have since done cycles 3, 4... through 19! Which means it's time for cycle 20 (Well, it was... I'm waaaay late on this ;) Oops!)

But for now... the cycle 19 round up! :D

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Last grade came in for this past semester and LOOK!

Which is made all the more awesome since THESE were my grades last semester...

Would have been badass to get all A+ this time, but I worked pretty damn hard for that A, so I'm happy :D Also, nervous for next semester... *flail* O:-)
Every time I see someone screaming their tumblr or LJ off that “Nobody wants [such and such]” it just drives me nuts… Um, hi person, you do not speak for the entire world, so don’t go saying “Nobody wants” something just because you don’t. Grow the f- up!

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